Heaven seems a little closer at the beach


Medium: Subject:

Vicky Anne Gatt


Original one-of-a-kind oil painting, on stretched canvas. To create this artwork I used quality oil paint on a stretched thick profile canvas. In addition, I have coated the painting in a waterproof satin varnish. This ensures protection for the artwork over time. Signed with a certificate of authenticity. As a child I would love to visit the beach with my family. This painting was inspired by those times we visit the beach to dip our toes in the cool water and soak up the feeling of being at one with nature. For many of us a dip in the cool salty ocean, diving underneath the powerful surf can be such a soul cleanser, I wanted in this painting to portray the peacefulness serenity of the moment. This artwork would be perfect hanging in a living room, kitchen, hallway or bedroom.




92cm by 45cm



Art Group

Drummoyne Art Society Inc

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